Discovery Adventures Park | Discovery 探索極限基地

World-class survival and outdoor adventure training experience


STORY 品牌故事

Discovery Adventures Park has the value and ideas of experience, exploration, challenge and discovery. Discovery Adventures Park calls people to explore the world, to create and share a sustainable lifestyle where precious memories are created to share with your family; it encourages people to feel and study ecosystem; it inspires you with boundless activities and go beyond your limits. Discovery Adventures Park bring the value and idea of Discovery from online to offline. As the Discovery Adventures Moganshan Park’s first landing project in the world, Discovery Adventures Moganshan Park provides international tourists all-dimensional outdoor experience consisted of outdoor sports, tourism and vocation.

Discovery Adventures Park 探索極限基地擁有“體驗,探索,挑戰,發現“的價值理念,提倡人們邁出探索世界的腳步,創造與家人朋友共同分享環保的生活方式;感受與學習自然生態;挑戰極限,超越自我,發現自我。Discovery 探索極限基地將Discovery Adventures 的價值理念從線上帶到線下,Discovery 探索極限基地莫干山公園作為全球首個落地項目,為全球遊客提供集極限運動,旅遊,度假於一體的全方位戶外體驗。